Boxwood E​.​P.

by Letters to Ash

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Letters To Ash first E.P.


released August 24, 2013

Recorded at Jalienated Sounds in Riverside CA


tags: pop punk punk


all rights reserved
Track Name: Take Me Away
I'm tired of the city lights. So vibrant as they are bright. In the shadows is where they hide their shame. I'm sick of the same old shit. Everyone's another hypocrite. Just trying to get a bigger piece of what they call fame.

Just take me away. Take me away. From everything until I can find clarity. Take me away. Take me away from here.

Backstabbers and drama queens always trying to make a scene, but we all know that their just lame. In the park where the homeless sleep. Not willing to get back on their feet. Except those who pray for change.

These city lights. They shine so bright. I know that's where I don't want to be.
Track Name: Second Chance
Step by step. Day by day. I walked around in a haze. I'm not the same kid that you knew. I'ver matured, got older. Carried the world on my shoulder. But the one thing missing was you.

The day you walked away from me, was the day , I was left waiting. The day I fell in love with you, was the day, the oceans all turned blue.

Step by step. Day by day. My feelings have never changed. I've never completely gotten over you. Waiting for my second chance. Destined for a lusting romance. But the one thing missing is you.

Hey... I've waited for this.

A second chance means everything. You're the one who fills my dreams. A second chance means everything . Will you be my everything?
Track Name: The Burning
These words ignite the candle. Feel the arid breeze upon your face. Do you feel the words are humble? Do you feel I'd be the one to disgrace these memories slowly fading. Of the ones you chose to leave behind. Your cries celebrating the failures you've tried to confine.

What's left for you now? (What's left now?)

What's left but these memories and the acquired taste of kerosene. That intise your lips and ignite you from within. Gasoline sets a blazing sunset. Feeds the flames of burning regret, burning regret.

These pages have burnt completly. Do you feel ashmed for what you've done. You've completed the circle. I'm afraid of what you'll become. A sad memory igniting the flames you once cherished and loved. Now you're screaming and fighting to save yourself from being loved.

Can you feel the fire as it burns tonight? Can you feel the fire burning deep inside? Can you feel the fire as it burns tonight? Can you feel the fire comfort us in ash?

What's left for us now? (What's left?)
Track Name: Defeated By Confusion
I stood alone through the wretchedness I've called my home. A fist full of lies. Fist full of lies right behind the cries. And now I'm prone to my selfishness I can't control. Please help me through. Help me through my blind confusion.

Clouded hearts. Clouded minds. Clouded visions. How could I be so blind.

I've been waiting for you. Help me I can't seem to find the truth. I've been waiting for you. Sometimes I feel that my life is through.

You were there. You held my head up high through my despair. A wrecking through. A wrecking through lost devotion. I'm self impaired. My thoughts are wreck less and I don't even care. I'm breaking through. Please help through my eratic emotions.

Bless me father for I have sinned this time. You took my life and put it in the palm of your hands. You were never there to help me understand. All the reasons. Every reason. All the reasons why?
Track Name: From Beginning To End
I've opened a book and i've turned the page. The author writes deep about rage. A rage that burns so deep inside. The thought was empty. The remorse was blind. Thinking about who left him behind. Will he ever stop time?

Sympathy leads to pain and agony for reasons left behind. I'd break through walls to save the last petal as it falls. Collapsed through time.

He sits alone in frustration. Disapated through emotions. As he wipes a tear from his eye. Lost in a trance. Wishing he could take one last glance, of the one who left him so far behind.

Will he find the truth? Maybe he'll keep searching for the answers to why? Why he had to lose his only love that night. Wishing it was his own fucking life.